Why victims of accident’s should seek independent legal advice and not have their case settled directly with the insurers.

By Lanka Rathnayake

If you are a victim of an accident, it is imperative that you seek independent legal advice. Just as much as you would not purchase a house without a mortgage advisers help or take medicine without the advice of a Doctor, do not settle a claim for injuries without independent legal advice.

Ensure that your legal adviser is both competent and well experienced in the field. Ideally a Law firm which specialises in Personal Injury cases should be your best bet to ensure you get what you are entitled to.

Following are a few pointers as to why you should always seek independent legal advice if you are a victim of an accident:

  • If an injury victim was to go to a Solicitor, he will receive specialised claims advice from a Lawyer acting solely in his best interest.
  • The Victim will be entitled to maximum compensation – if a Victim was to settle a case through an Insurer run claims service – the insurer will under settle the case in order to protect their reserve and maximise on the insurer profit at the detriment of the client’s interest.
  • The Victim will feel more comfortable, at ease and relaxed in having their case been dealt with by his own lawyer and will be able to have a frank and candid discussion with his lawyer about his case.
  • Confidentiality – As Lawyers are governed by the rule of confidentially any discussion between the victim and the lawyer would be in the strictest of confidence which will not only allow the victim to narrate his case specific facts more candidly but also will allow the lawyer to have a full review of the case, with a view of bring about the best terms of settlement.
  • The Lawyer acting for the victim will obtain After the event Insurance (ATE) for the client, if the client does not have legal expenses cover which will truly protect his interest and more importantly will provide him with several key features and benefits, which insurers for the opposing side would never offer.
  • The lawyer acting for the victim will be local and UK based which gives the Victim approachability of his lawyer, as opposed to having an insurer settling a Victim’s case through their oversees call centre- claims advisors who would neither be interested in the case specific facts nor the best interest of the victim.
  • The Lawyer acting for the victim will ensure that they use the services of the Best doctors in the field of Medico-Legal reporting which means that the examining doctors will take time and effort to ensure that the Victim is fully examined and his symptoms are fully understood, which in turns means the levels of compensation will be maximised.
  • The insurers have managed to bring about many changes to the law to ensure that the accident victim is not fully compensated or does not bring in a claim at all. We at Freeman Harris Solicitors together with the assistance of our investigative affiliated companies are still here to fight the corner of the innocent victim to ensure that the maximum compensation is obtained.
  • Your Lawyer will act for you on a NO Win NO Fee agreement, which means all legal advice you seek will cost you nothing.

Don’t be victimised twice over; once by an unfortunate event and thereafter by crafty insurers.

Seek Legal advice, obtain maximum compensation!