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A boutique London Law firm

We are a specialist legal team based in Chancery Lane and Greenwich, London dealing with matters as they should be, personally and with great expertise. We pride ourselves in being easy to work with, and we only take on matters we feel are worth fighting for.

We have excellent legal service departments dealing in personal areas such as Wills, Probate, Employment, Family and we have high expertise in civil and commercial litigation. The firm has quickly amassed a following of loyal and diverse clients across London, the UK, and in dozens of countries around the world. These include artists, museums, start-ups, software developers, manufacturers, and multinational corporations.

Where we started

Since 2006

We started as a small two man firm looking to make a difference in the world of many.

We are now firmly established as a high calibre firm well respected for our work on behalf of individuals and companies alike with a reputation for fighting for the ordinary man against large companies and insurers.


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A personal service

Businessman looking for business legal services

making a start

We are here to help all those who need legal assistance. If we can offer the service you are after, we will listen to what you have to tell us. However, we won’t take all matters that come our way.

We like to keep our number of clients small. We feel we can help our clients better this way.

get to know each other

We like working with clients who we have a good working relationship with, and we are sure you would prefer that too.

understanding your Legal rights

We can only help those who we feel have a case worth fighting for.

determining your goals

We want to keep our clients happy so we ask what results you like before taking on your case.
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