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Motorbike accidents are common, in fact many kinds of accidents are common, but that does not mean you are any less entitled to claim compensation. If you are involved in a motor bike accident which was not your fault you can enter into a motorbike accident claim against the negligent third party. Commonly motorbike accidents are caused by a driver not observing the road properly. With a wave of adverts calling for ‘check, check and check again’ at junction one would have expected this error to be on the decline. However, we are all aware of this issue, here at Freeman Harris more than most. With two of our legal team being motorcyclists themselves we are well aware of the risks of being a motorcyclist on the UK’s road and specifically on London’s roads.

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Sam Harris, partner at Freeman Harris

With over 20 years’ experience in personal injury law I am well placed to head up our specialist department in this field. I have worked for both insurance companies and on private cases.

Choy Chan With over 10 years experience in dealing with Personal Injury claims, I am well versed in assisting you. I have worked for both insurance companies and on private cases.
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What can you claim compensation for?

Your motorbike accident claim compensation amount will take into account financial losses such as medical bills and loss of earnings as well as assessing a compensation amount on the basis of your psychological and physical injuries following the motorbike accident.

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