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A supply of goods and services agreement is an agreement between the seller and customer that sets out what goods and services will be provided to the customer. It is a legal document and contains obligations that the seller must adhere to when providing the goods and or services.

A supply of goods and services agreement details the following:

  • Services to be provided
  • Agreement period
  • The purchase price
  • Payment terms and conditions
  • Which party will own intellectual property rights in the works created.
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We can assist you drafting a detailed Supply Agreement to help you protect your business when selling goods or services to customers.

If you have a service agreement dispute or would like us to provide advice on drafting a contract, please contact us, and we will outline the service we can offer, and the associated costs.

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Ian has a great understanding of contract drafting especially for commercial purposes, and can assist SME’s with their legal needs.

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Abdul carries out a broad range of legal work which include contract drafting and reviewing.

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Supply Agreement FAQ's

What does contract law mean?

Information about the parties:

This is simply key information about each party i.e their company names, and who will be referred to as ‘supplier’ and ‘customer’ throughout the agreement.

Pricing and payment information:

This part of the supply of goods and services agreement focuses on the financial side, the charging, invoicing, and payment information as well as any VAT, tax and expenses incurred. If there are any pricing adjustments, these should be detailed in the agreement.

Duration of the agreement:

Being specific with the dates is vital when it comes to the supply of goods and services agreement, as it lays out how long the supplier and customer will be in the contract for, and how long the obligation remains between them.

Details of services provided:

This part of the agreement details exactly what is being provided for by the supplier. This is written in full detail and can be in the format of a project plan, or a detailed description of the service and why it is being supplied to the customers with the specified services.

Service provider responsibilities:

This section details the particular areas which are relevant to the performance or supply of the services, including obligations like delivery times, certain standards or specifications and a requirement that what is being offered is always compliant with all laws.


As this is a commercial document, there should be a statement of confidentiality to ensure that any sensitive information shared between parties receiving the goods or services isn’t relayed to anyone else.

Termination or discontinuation of services:

Finally, each party has the right to terminate the contract if the other party commits a material breach, continually makes a breach of the contract or is subject to a list of events associated with financial instability.

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