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Cycling accidents commonly occur on the UK’s roads and are particularly common in the busy metropolitan centre that is London. Cycle accidents may occur for a number of reasons and more often than not they are the fault of a third party. The most common cause of bicycle accidents is lack of observation from a motorist.

Claims related to cycle accidents in London will be personal injury claims. A personal injury claim will be able to be made should you be deemed not at fault. If the accident is due to the negligence of a third party, be this another cyclist, a motorist, or a bus or lorry driver you will be able to enter a claim against them. Their insurance company will cover the amount of compensation that the court rules you to deserve. If you are involved in a bike accident where the third party is uninsured or untraced the Motor Insurers’ Bureau will be able to help.

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Choy Chan
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Cycling accidents can be very serious. We make sure you get the right help and compensation for your cycling accident.

What Can You Claim Compensation For?

You will be able to make a claim for compensation for the following:

  • Pain and discomfort
  • Loss of earnings
  • Financial losses such as medical expenses
  • Travel expenses
  • Any adaptions to your home which were required as a result of the injury
  • Care expenses

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