Social Media Influencer Agreement

Your Protection is more valuable than you know With a continuously growing influence power that social media platforms hold, brands will look to use influencer’s image to get their advertisement across great numbers of viewers. The possibilities are endless with …


Freeman Harris named as a Firm to Watch in the Legal500

Building on our expansion in London with our new offices in Chancery Lane, Freeman Harris is now in Legal 500! We are building on our years of litigation experience to focus on complex and high value matters. We are very …

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LIABLE FOR LIBEL? (under review)

What is Libel and Slander? Words like “Defamation,” “Libel,” and “Slander” are thrown around all the time in today’s world of constantly developing media and communications, and nowhere is it more prevalent than in the world of publicity and public …

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My verbal contract has been breached; what options do I have?

Under review Verbal contracts are made through spoken words, whether it is in person, through a phone call or any form of verbal communication. Although a verbal contract is legally binding, it can be difficult to prove its terms. As …

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What clauses should an influencer agreement cover? 

In the world of marketing, there is an emerging trend that companies are turning towards for success. Influencer Marketing allows brands to tap into an influencers’ following by hiring them to promote products or services on various platforms such as …

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Insurance Disputes

Dealing With a Rejected or Disputed Insurance Claim

Buying insurance is very common nowadays. From car insurance to home, health, travel, and much more, you can be sure you will be covered. You may make a claim to your insurance provider to cover a wide variety of situations. …

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