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When your reputation is affected by false written or spoken words, it is an incredibly serious matter.

It goes without saying that building up a good repute is not easy, and if anyone were to say something that could affect your position, you do have the right to take legal action.

You may have only heard of celebrities being involved in libel/slander cases, however  they are in fact becoming more of an everyman’s problem. There have been many cases where significant damages have been awarded to successful claimants. Libel is written information that is not true and could cause harm to reputation of a person or company, whereas slander is the spoken version of this.

How can Freeman Harris help you with a defamation case?

We understand that in a world where social media governs and misinformation can travel swiftly, things are incredibly fast moving and so it is incredibly importance that you act in accordance with this pace.

At Freeman Harris, we understand that whether you are a private individual, or a company, your reputation matters hugely and so we take defamation cases incredibly seriously.

We can help you seek an injunction and/or compensation if you have experienced libel or slander- these cases are known as defamation cases.

In most of these cases, litigation is actually hardly ever needed, as settlement can be reached where damages are desired, or even an apology or removal of the false claims, if this is libel.

Our team of solicitors will expertly advise you on how to proceed, and we really understand that this can be an incredibly distressing time when you feel that your reputation is at risk of harm.

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Ian Freeman

Ian has a great understanding of defamation issues, and how to resolve them.

Talha has been working as a Litigator. He would be the first person you deal with regarding your defamation matter.

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Common Defamation Questions

What is needed to prove libel?

There must be a written false statement of fact that identifies you and this statement must be published for people to see.

Can I sue someone for slander in the U.K?

Yes you can, the claim must be made within one year of the libel. The one year period runs from the date of the publication of the libel.


How long do I have to make a claim in defamation?

Yes. To do this, the claim must be made within one year of the statement having been made. The one year period runs from the date of the publication of the statement.

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