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Personal Injury Lawyers in london

leading personal injury solicitors to Help You With Your Claim.

At Freeman Harris our personal injury lawyers believe that getting injured can be a traumatic experience that limits your work, personal and all round quality of life. This is why we are happy to submit a personal injury claim for compensation on your behalf, for an injury that was no fault of your own. Our committed personal injury solicitors in London have taken on a range of cases including; industrial incidents, workplace injuries and car accidents. Whats more we talk to you in plain English that you can understand, not a language only lawyers understand!

When you place your personal injury claim in the hands of our London based solicitors, you can be confident that it’s with the a top legal team. You can talk to us five days a week, from Monday through to Friday, please feel free to complete the form and we’ll return your call. Contact our personal injury solicitors in London by completing our form, calling 0207 7907 311 or send an email to

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