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The growth of digital content and its consumption has created new opportunities, challenges and disputes. The law has had to evolve, in some aspects, to accommodate the changing nature of communication, content and partnerships that rise out of social media and other digital channels.

We recognise that the changing landscape of media and communication requires an expert legal purview, which we at Freeman Harris offer.

How can Freeman Harris help you with legal matters over social media and digital channels? 

Our purpose is to assist you with social media matters where you need a legal expert to give you the assistance you require. We can assist you with the following areas of work:

  • Influencer agreements
  • Defamation on social media
  • Digital advertisement guidance and regulations
  • Harassment on social media
  • Licensing content
  • Online terms and conditions
  • Social media copyright issues
  • Social media policy for employers

Our team has developed significant expertise in social media matters. We understand how to formalise relationships between influencers and brands, research matters to resolve in disputes, deal with copyright or policy matters and advise on social media usage.

Recent social media work
  • Defended an individual with a complex social media harassment claim involving an HNI individual.
  • Advised and drafted agreements for an emerging fashion brand and the influencers they used.
  • Assisted a company in defending a claim for use of copyrighted social media content.

If you have a social media legal matter, please contact us, and we will outline the service we can offer, and the associated costs.

Social Media Team

Ian Freeman

Ian launched and developed the IP department of the firm in conjunction with the largest IP firm in the US. He has a great understanding of IP matters including copyright law.

Talha has been working as a Litigator. He would be the first person you deal with regarding your matter.

Abdul Hafezi

Abdul carries out a broad range of legal work which include copyright protection and infringement.

Catherine has a keen understanding of social media matters, and will be your first point of contact in most cases.


Isabel has started learning legal matters and has been involved in assisting with various social media disputes.

What our clients say?

Common social media law Questions

Are there any laws about social media in the UK?

There are no specific laws just yet, but there is movement in terms of creating law around social media.

You can learn more about social media and criminal offences – Communications Committee outcome in the parliament. There are also online safety laws which will be coming into play in the near future.

Do you need a social media policy for employees?

With the growing use of social media in our daily lives, it would be useful to help define a social media policy so that your employees are aware of what is allowed and approved during working hours.

If there are issues as a result of social media usage, the policy can help define the problem and its remedy.

How can you prove someone is harassing you online?

Social media harassment coming from unknown or anonymous accounts can be difficult to pin down, but there are available options, which we can inform you about.

If you are having such issues, please contact us and we will discuss the next steps.

Social Media Dispute Letter of Claim From £1000£200From £1200
Influencer ContractFrom £1000£200£1200
Intellectual Property InfringementFrom £250 per hour£50£300

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