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Slip and Trip accidents are some of the most common accidents in the UK and can cause terrible emotional and physical damage. Whether you’ve slipped on some water in the supermarket or tripped on an uneven paving stone in the road, your health has been compromised and it wasn’t your fault.

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Freeman Harris specialises in slip and trip accidents, having succeeded in winning hundreds of claims in the past. We know how important it is to get you back on your feet and help you gain the compensation you deserve.

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Lina’s background in nursing and law furnishes her with both medical and legal knowledge, allowing her to work on personal injury cases with great care and expertise.

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John is an expert in dealing with complex personal injury claims and has a history of settling high value cases for clients who have suffered serious injuries.


Frankie has been working in the personal injury department for over 5 years and has worked on a variety of claims which includes complex injury claims.

Sylwia is a lawyer specialising in dealing with personal injury cases, and will be the first point of contact on your matter.

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Common Slips, Trips and Falls Questions

What if I sustained an injury when on private property?

Private property can be defined as a shop, supermarket, gym, or anything owned by someone else. The owner of the property is responsible for your health and safety during the time you are there. If you sustain an injury during this time then you may be able to make a claim against them.

What if I was trespassing on private land?

Usually you would not be able to claim if you were trespassing on someone else’s land. However, there are exceptions to this rule. If, for example, children play in an old, abandoned building, it could be argued that this could’ve been anticipated, and therefore if one of the children sustains an injury they could be eligible for compensation.

What if I sustained an injury in the supermarket?

If you’ve slipped in the supermarket, whether on water or food, you may be able to get compensation, particularly if there was no sign indicating the hazard.

Is it my fault if it was clearly a hazard but I wasn't looking?

It might not be your fault, but you might be liable for the injury. For example, if you slip in a supermarket but there was a sign, it could be argued that the supermarket took reasonable steps to make sure you didn’t have an accident. Therefore you may not be eligible to make a claim. It is difficult to say definitively without speaking to you about the circumstances of the accident, so pick up the phone to talk to us now!

Can I get compensation for an injury sustained in public place, like paving slab?

Yes. If you tripped on an uneven paving slab, or a hole in the ground that should clearly have been marked, you may be able to get compensation.

What if it is dark, and I didn't see the hazard, even though there was a sign?

Signs should be visible in the dark if there is a potential hazard, therefore you may be eligible for compensation.

I may have contributed to the hazard by wearing high heels/slippery shoes/reaching too high.Can I still make a claim?

It is likely that you can still claim, but difficult to say without knowing the circumstances of the accident. For example, if you were wearing high heels and there was water on the floor that caused you to slip, one would have to weigh up whether you would have slipped if there hadn’t been water on the floor. The best way to find out is to call us and tell us the details.

What compensation will I recieve?

The aim of winning a trip and slip claim is to put you back in the position you were in before the accident occurred. You will usually receive a lump sum in additional to any medical costs, transport costs (such as to and from the hospital) and loss of earnings due to any time off work that you may have incurred during the recovery period.

How long will it take?

As each claim is different, it is impossible to say until we’ve assessed your claim. Once we have done this we may be able to give you an estimate of how long it will take.

What happens if I lose?

While you may have suffered physically, we will make sure you don’t suffer financially. If your tripping or slipping accident claim is not successful, we won’t charge you a penny.

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