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Sometimes professionals make mistakes with the work they are assigned with. Such mistakes can cause a problems for clients, and they can cause severe issues. When such a dispute arise, it is known as professional negligence. If you have such an issue, our highly experienced litigation team against professionals such as:

  • Architects
  • Accountants
  • Barristers
  • Estate Agents
  • Solicitors
  • Surveyors
  • Insurance brokers

In such matters, most professionals will have written agreement which are in compliance with the law as well as their own professional body rules and regulation i.e. the contract. As a result, the dispute between the parties would be judged based on this contract. Professionals owe a duty of care to their clients which is why you can pursue a claim for breach of contract and negligence.

Claiming negligence

In assessing professional negligence, the main focus is to establish the probability that the professional breached their duty of care, and as result you have suffered losses. These losses form as the basis for your claim.

How Freeman Harris Solicitors can help with professional negligence?

Professional negligence is a specialist area of law and it’s important to use the services of a law firm with experience of dealing with bringing claims against professionals. We have a dearth of experience in assessing and working on such matters. We take a staged approach in identifying, assessing losses and making a claim. There are pre-action protocols and options to initially pursue the relevant ombudsman or for a professional regulatory body.

If have a dispute with a professional service provider as a result of their negligence, we can investigate the matter and assess your chances of success based on our meetings and the evidence you provide. We offer a number of fee structures, and where appropriate, we will consider no win no fee arrangements after the initial risk assessment.

Contract Team

Avi has over a decade’s experience dealing with all aspects of professional negligence disputes, with particular focus on preparing complex multi-million pound claims against solicitors and barristers.

Rajas has been assisting Avi with complex professional negligence claims for a number of years, and has developed a great skillset in dealing with such matters. Rajas would be your initial contact for certain claims.

Talha has been working with commercial matters for a number of years and would be the first point of contact in obtaining documents and information from client with a professional negligence claim.

Ian Freeman

Ian has a great understanding of contract drafting especially for commercial purposes, and can assist SME’s with their legal needs.

What our clients say?

Common Professional Negligence Questions

What previous cases have you worked on?
  • Acted in a multi-million pound professional negligence claim against a private clients solicitor arising out of the negligent drafting of a will, which successfully settled pursuant to confidential terms in late 2020
  • Obtained judgment in his client’s favour following a complex preliminary issue trial in the Senior Courts Costs Office in respect of the unlawful termination of a Conditional Fee Agreement (see Karis Developments Ltd v EMW Law LLP [2020] 1 WLUK 19)
  • Acted successfully for the Respondents to an appeal arising out of a costs order (see Little Rhoden Farm Ltd v Law [2022] EWHC 3308 (Ch))
  • Acted in a multi-million professional negligence claim against a Silver Circle law firm arising out of negligent advice in relation to an After the Event insurance policy, which successfully settled pursuant to confidential terms in late 2020
  • Obtained summary judgment in the total sum of c.€22 million for his client on its contractual claim (see Fleuron LLC (A Dubai Corporation) v Nima Energy Limited & Ors [2020] EWHC 2097 (Comm))
  • Acted for Karis Developments Limited in its £18 million negligence claim against Howard Kennedy LLP arising out of their drafting of a large scale development agreement with a local authority.
  • Acted successfully for his clients in obtaining a declaration as to the ownership of their valuable House Boat by way of an application for summary judgment (see Hattersley-Hoskinson v GU20 Investments and Consultancy Ltd [2022] EWHC 2376 (Ch)).
  • Acted in a professional negligence claim against a law firm arising out of their negligent failure to name the correct party on a Claim Form, which successfully settled pursuant to confidential terms in mid-2020
What is Professional Negligence?

In simple terms, professional negligence is when a professional you have instructed to work with fails to perform their duties to the required standards or breaches a duty of care. The professional’s negligence would result in you suffering a loss.

A professional could be a solicitor, an accountant, an investment manager or any other professional who had been instructed to act for you on a formal basis.

If you want to understand if the professional you worked with is negligent and they have failed you, you can ask us to assist you with the initial research.

What if I have received bad service from a professional?

If you have received a poor service from a professional, it is only worth making a claim if you have made significant losses. These losses need to be financially valued so your claim can be calculated.

The courts assess the financially value of the loss you have suffered from, and their aim is to put you in the position that you would have been if the professional wasn’t negligent.

An example of this would be a Financial Advisor giving his client factually incorrect information, which resulted in the client loosing a large amount of money. The evidence in such a case would require a third party review of the advice or service provided, and it must be deemed to be negligent in order to make a successful claim.

How much time do I have to make a professional negligence claim?

Court proceedings needs to be issues within six years of the date of the breach.

If you are left unaware of the right to claim and the 6 year period passes, you may still be able to claim compensation as time can run from date of knowledge.

The rules are different for people under 18 and those who are disabled. Time for minors runs from date they reach 18 years of age.

Does a professional negligence matter need to go to court?

It is difficult to say if your professional negligence claim will end up in court. Most if not all professionals, are insured and pass on the claim to their insurers. A high percentage of claims are settled by the professional negligent insurer without court proceedings.

However, many professional negligence cases do not end up in a court. Even if proceedings are issued, the matter can be settled outside of court.

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