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Many, if not all, business trade either as a partnership between the founding members or they are incorporated as Limited Liability Company. Many law firm until recently traded as partnership and in many older cases without even a partnership agreement.

If a business operated as partnership, liability of the individual partners is not limited and a party pursuing a claim against partnership can enforce a judgment against individual partner’s personal properties. 

To reduce such risks, many founders decide to trade as limited liability partnership or limited liability Company. The term limited means precisely what it says, the liability of the partners and shareholder is limited to the assets of the partnership or the company and one cannot enforce judgments against the partners or shareholders personal assets.

There are often disputes between the partners or the shareholders often regards ownership of the partnership or the company. The relationship between the partners is governed by articles of association, and if these do not exist, the Partnership Act which sets out duties and obligations.

The dispute between shareholders is governed by the Company’s Act and the written constitution.

How Freeman Harris Solicitors can help?

These disputes are resolved in the commercial court and it’s important to seek advice form practitioners who have experience of dealing with these types of disputes. Our team has resolved such cases for a number of clients, and our aim is to resolve the matter for you as well.

If you are unfortunate to be in this position, please contact us so we can outline the next steps and offer you an assessment of your case.

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Ian has a great understanding of all dispute matters, and can assist individuals and companies in resolving them.

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Abdul carries out a broad range of legal work which include resolving or litigating disputes in companies.

Talha Fazlani Talha has been working as a Paralegal assisting a range of departments with their research, drafting and correspondence.
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