What To Do Following An Accident In A Warehouse

Having an accident at work can not only be harmful to your health but it can also affect whether or not you can continue in your current employment. If you work in a warehouse you are surrounded by hazards day in day out. You should do two things following a warehouse accident, get medical treatment and consider making a compensation claim. If you have been involved a warehouse accident at work which was not your fault you have every right to make a claim against the third party who caused you unnecessary harm.

What Was Your Accident Due To?

If you have had an accident which was due to an error which was purely down to chance you will not have grounds for a successful compensation claim. You will be able to make a claim if your accident was due to:-

  1. Your employer’s failure to train staff competently
  2. A health and safety failure or breach
  3. Your employer’s failure to check machinery regularly
  4. The negligence of another employee

Common injuries in warehouses are:-

–          Back strains from heavy lifting

–          Collisions of warehouse traffic

–          Collisions of warehouse vehicles with workers

–          Trip and slip injuries

–          Injuries sustained from falling objects

What Should I Do Now?

If you feel that your accident was down to one of these negligent actions or a negligent action which is not included in the list above, you should contact a specialist work injury lawyer to receive the legal advice you need. You should do this as soon as you feel fit and well enough to. You have 3 years from the date of your accident to make a personal injury claim but your claim will be a lot stronger if you make the claim sooner rather than later.

However, first things first you must get yourself to a doctors and you should ensure that your injuries are documented. Your place of work should have an accident book and you should also ensure that your accident is entered into this book. Not only this, but you should check you are completely happy with the account of what occurred before you sign the accident book entry. Ensure that you keep a full record of everything relevant to your claim; this will make your case as strong as possible when you pass it over to your solicitor. Relevant information is items such as receipts, prescription, records of miles travelled to appointments and a photographic record and/or diary of the physical progression of your injuries and the pain you are in.

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