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A Registered Design is an Intellectual Property right that protects the appearance of a whole or a part of a product resulting from its lines, colours, shape, texture, etc… It protects the way a product looks. Designs are vital for business success and are valuable company assets that may be sold or traded. It is therefore important for you to register your designs. Without registration a design still has limited protection through unregistered designs rights, however the scope and duration of the protection between registered design and unregistered design is significantly different.

How would a registered design benefit you?

A registered design is protected for 5 years and may be renewed for up to a maximum of 25 years. It offers protection against same or similar designs which enter the market. An unregistered design right grants protection for less time and only grants protection against designs that are an intentional copy of the unregistered design.

You should register your designs if you want to protect them!

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