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Gynaecology Negligence​

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Gynaecology treatment can be a daunting time for any woman and one where you place your complete trust in the hands of medical professionals. Unfortunately, mistakes and misdiagnoses do happen, and our knowledgeable yet approachable team of solicitors at Freeman Harris can help you make a medical negligence claim and receive the compensation you deserve. No amount of money can undo negligence, however it can allow you to live the best quality of life possible.

What qualifies as negligent care?

Anyone that suffers negligent care is often left devastated and confused as to how this could have happened. With gynaecological cases, this can often leave women with severe pelvic pain, urinary incontinence, unable to have sexual intercourse, and severe abdominal pain. 

More often than not, this happens due to a lack of information from the medical professionals, failing to make the patient aware of all of the risks involved. You may sign a consent form, however you cannot give your full consent if you haven’t been made aware of all of the risks associated. 

If something has gone wrong during a gynaecological procedure, contact our team of solicitors, who understand the sensitivity of this situation whilst having expert knowledge of these types of cases. 

We understand that these topics can be difficult to discuss, however be rest assured that we will handle your claim with care and knowledge.

Contract Team

Lina’s background in nursing and law furnishes her with both medical and legal knowledge, allowing her to work on negligence cases with great care and expertise.

John Holtom John is an expert in dealing with medical negligence claims and has a history of settling high value cases.

Talha Fazlani

Talha has been working as a Litigator assisting the medical negligence department. He would be the first person you deal with regarding your matter.

Cat is a Legal Analyst and assists the medical negligence department in obtaining documents, and communicating with clients.

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Gynaecology Claims FAQ's

What should I do if I think I've suffered accident and emergency negligence?

If you have been aware that something went wrong whilst you were in A&E, there is a three year limitation period from the date the negligence happened. However, if you were only aware that something went wrong recently, then it is 3 years from that date. In both cases, you should contact our team at Freeman Harris today, and we will see how we can assist you in your potential claim.


What is accident and emergency negligence?

Accident and emergency negligence is when you have suffered injury or harm that could have been avoided as a result of negligent care. The two categories that this generally falls into for A&E negligence is diagnosis error and treatment error. This could be when you were examined in A&E the doctor made a mistake, or you were prescribed the wrong medication, resulting in adverse effects.

Can I claim accident and emergency compensation from the NHS?

Over 1.75 million patients are seen across the country in NHS hospitals every month, and as the variety of injuries presented is great, so is the margin for error. If you think that something went wrong whilst you or a loved one were in A&E, you may have a claim and owed compensation for the damages incurred by the negligence you experienced. This compensation is paid by NHS resolution who act for all NHS trusts, which represent all NHS hospitals and NHS medical professionals.

How much compensation can you get for A&E errors?

This really depends on your claim and the severity of injury. You could have experienced life changing injuries as a result of the A&E negligence, and so the ‘special damages’ you are owed could cover housing changes, rehabilitation, physiotherapy etc.


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