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If you have children, or may have children in the near future, it is essential to have a plan in place in case an unforeseen event arises. By The Children’s Act 1989 (as amended by the Law Reform (Succession) Act of 1995), you can appoint a guardian for your children if you have parental responsibility for them.

If you have children, or plan to have children in the near future, it’s worth planning should an unseen death ever arises. You appoint a guardian for your children in your Will, which grants them the authority to make important decisions about your child’s upbringing, health care or education. Without a Will, your estate might not be distributed according to your wishes, so appointing guardianship also enables you to set out how you want your assets to be distributed to your children and who you want to look after their inheritance until your children are old enough to inherit.

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Salma Butt

Salma carries out a broad range of private client work which include the all wills and probate work. Her expertise is in estate planning matters.

Francesca Nelson Francesca is our established Solicitor who deals with all will writing matters. She has a deep understanding of all legal aspects of will drafting.
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Guardianship FAQs coming soon.

We are drafting the most commonly asked FAQs. We will update this shortly.

Conveyancing Fees

Will Writing Fees

Basic Single Will: £150*
Basic Mirror Will: £250*

Complicated Will: from £450*

LPA & Probate

Probate: from £800 (excluding disbursements)
Single LPA: £250

Fees inclusive of VAT and disbursements
N.B. provided simple and straightforward

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