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Adults who are unable to make decisions for themselves are extremely vulnerable. They may need to have someone appointed, called a deputy, to act on their behalf.

A deputy can be a family member or a friend of the individual, or a professional.

The Court of Protection makes helps decisions on behalf of adults who are unable to make decisions for themselves. Those who are mentally incapacitated are very vulnerable, so it’s essential to make sure that they, and their assets, are protected. In these cases, someone can be appointed as their deputy to act on their behalf. However, it is not person incapacitated who appoints their deputy, but the Court of Protection. A deputy could be a family member, trusted friend or even a professional. A deputy makes decisions about property and finance, but also personal welfare and health treatment.

We can help you apply for a deputyship and guide you through the process of what being a deputy entails. Deputyship is for people who are already mentally incapacitated. If you wish to appoint someone to act on your behalf should you become incapacitated in the future, please see Lasting Powers of Attorney.

What would a Will do for you?

Though we don’t like to think about the inevitable, it’s important to ensure that our assets go where we want them to after we are gone. A Will is a legal document that records your wishes for what happens to your ‘estate’ (your property, shares, savings, investments and personal possessions) after death. When you draw up a Will with us, we ask you what assets you have, who you want them to be distributed to (your ‘beneficiaries’) and how you want them to be distributed. You’ll also appoint your ‘executors’ who will be those who will carry out your wishes after your death. Once it’s all drawn up, it will be signed to make it legally binding, and we can even offer to store it for you.

What if I already have a will, but need for to be reviewed?

If you’ve already had a Will written, it’s very important to make sure it’s up to date, especially if you’ve had any changes of life circumstances like finding a new life partner, moving home or having a baby. Our Will writing service is charged at a fixed fee, starting at just £250 + VAT, so you’ll never be left with any unexpected fees.

Wills Pricing

Single Will: £250*
Mirror Will: £350*

LPA Pricing

Property and Finance (Single): £300
Health and Welfare (Single): £300
Both: £375

Probate Pricing

Probate from £800*

Fees inclusive of VAT and disbursements
N.B. provided simple and straightforward

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