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Freeman Harris have been providing immigration services for over 12 years. With a reputation for ethics and sympathy, we aim to help you in the most effective way possible. Working with a renowned Human Rights Lawyer, Aklima Bibi, and Immigration and Business specialist, Choy Chan,  we can help you no matter what your case.

Ability to access services is an issue close to our heart, so we offer a free consultation for all cases. More detailed and specialist immigration advice starts from only £80 + VAT.

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Entry clearance and Visa applications

There are a myriad of reasons why one might want to move country. Perhaps you’re expanding your business, moving to an exciting new job, studying abroad or just looking to move. Relocating can be an exciting but busy time, so the last thing you want to add is more stress and paperwork. Different tiers of visa exist for different reasons to travel and we can advise you on the best visa for you. It’s always important to ensure you have the correct visa type as even the smallest of errors can result in a rejection. We can help you check you have the right visa. For example, if you wish to come to the UK for business we can help you with different arrangements whether you’re an entrepreneur, investor, employee, employer or business representative.

In-country Applications

You do not always have to apply for a visa before you reach the UK. Sometimes, you can apply for the right to stay in the UK when you are already on British soil. Various different reasons for staying require different application processes, and different visas exist for short or long term visits, staying with British family or visiting with the aim of making the UK your permanent home. The first stage of long-term residency is applying for Indefinite Leave to Remain, meaning there is no specific date by which you have to leave the country. Once this has been granted, you could go on to apply for full British Citizenship. Holding citizenship means you will not be subject to immigration controls at the UK border and you’ll be able to vote or even stand for office!

Urgent and Emergency cases

If you have overstayed your visa, been refused asylum or have stayed in the UK without permission, the UK Border Agency (UKBA) could issue an imminent removal or a deportation order.

Deportation or Imminent Removal Orders are frightening and confusing. What many people don’t know is that it is possible to appeal against forced removal; we can help you to challenge deportation by representing you at the UK Border Agency or the Home Office, or by obtaining emergency injunctions from the High Court Judge, if your removal direction by the UKBA is found to be acting not in line with the law.

Asylum and Humanitarian Protection

Being an asylum seeker means you have left your home country and you cannot return there for fear of persecution. However, asylum is complicated and you may instead be offered other ways of staying in the UK. Humanitarian Protection (HP) is granted to those who cannot demonstrate a claim for asylum, but who would face a serious risk if they returned to their home country. Discretionary Leave (DL) is another way of remaining in the UK if asylum or HP has been denied, yet the person can demonstrate why removal from the UK would be inappropriate or dangerous. Navigating asylum, HP and DL can be complicated. We can help with all asylum, humanitarian protection cases and discretionary leave cases for people who are entitled to apply for asylum under the 1951 refugee convention.

Immigration appeals

Applications for visas, settlement or asylum are processed with many stages and applications can be turned down if any errors are made. Around 75-80% of asylum claims are refused in the first instance, so you should enlist professionals to help you with the legal support and to guide you through the process. If you are rejected by the government we can help you to appeal against the decision, no matter what stage your application to remain in the UK is at.

Other services

If someone has received a removal direction the UKBA, they may also be detained by the UKBA. In these circumstances, we can help in getting bail for these persons. We can also assist in applications for ‘stateless persons’, where someone is not recognised as a citizen of any country. ‘Stateless persons’ could have been born that way, or become stateless over the course of their life. We can help you apply to stay in the UK as a stateless person.

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