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It is widely accepted that children suffer the most when a relationship breaks down which is why it’s important to have an arrangement in place when you separate. During an already sensitive time, resolving and agreeing to an arrangement about which parent the children should live with and if one parent moves out of the family home, then how much time the children should spend with that parent, are often extremely difficult. International travel being more accessible, families are increasingly moving abroad and a decision about relocation of a child may need to be made. Within that, there may be a fear by one parent of a child being removed from their care by the other parent either within or outside the UK.

In other circumstances, an individual caring or looking after a child may want to formally adopt him/her. Or, if a child is born to unmarried parents, then one parent may not be so entitled to make decisions concerning that child if they do not have Parental Responsibility which will then need to be ‘acquired’.

Any decision relating to a child of the family is likely to create animosity and resentment between the parents especially if there are in disagreement. Our solicitors at Freeman Harris can advise you on the best choices for you. We encourage the use of family mediation as a non- intrusive method of alternative dispute resolution and will keep in touch with you throughout the process. Should mediation prove unsuccessful, we can assist and represent you in any court applications that are necessary.

It is very difficult if not impossible to predict how long a matter concerning the children can take to resolve. Our fees are charged on an hourly rate and we will give you a cost estimate at the outset of your instructions.

Divorce Pricing

Fixed Fee 1: £750*
Fixed Fee 2: £950*

Children Matters

Solicitor Fee: £250 per hour
Advice only: £120 per hour

Financial Matters

Solicitor Fee: £250 per hour
Advice only: £120 per hour

Fees inclusive of VAT and disbursements
N.B. provided simple and straightforward

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Salma Butt
Salma carries out a broad range of private client work which include the preparation of Wills, powers of attorney and all family law related work.

Family Lawyer London - Phuong Trung

Phuong Troung
Phuong is our established Solicitor who deals with all Family Law matters. She has a deep understanding of all legal aspects of relationships, children matters and financial disputes.