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Civil Litigation for Dispute Resolution

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Issues can arise out of all sorts of personal and/or business relationships. On many occasions, these relationships are incorporated into a written agreement for example, an employment contract, a residential lease, or other agreements which will set out each party’s responsibility to the other. The agreements will also set out how a dispute can be resolved, if it arises. There are also many personal and business relationships where there is/are no written agreement. If dispute arises between the parties in any one of these relationship, you might need a lawyer to either settle this through negotiation, mediation or ultimately through the County or High Court.

What is Dispute Resolution?

The process whereby parties at dispute can involve a civil court, or a mediator, to resolve these disputes is known as dispute resolution. In effect, it is the involvement of lawyers either through mediation or through using the civil courts to resolve unresolved issues.

Why use Freeman Harris for your Dispute Resolution?

We are a small but boutique law firm manned by lawyers with over thirty years’ experience of representing corporate and private individuals in all types of disputes. We will consider fixed fee, no win no fee agreement (CFA) and where appropriate damaged based agreement (DBA). In DBA as with CFA you only pay our fees if you are successful. In DBA we take a percentage of your recovered damages as our fees.

If you have a dispute with your service provider, landlord, partner, or anyone else, call our team who will take you through the arrangement we can have with you.

Our Legal Team

Abdul Hafezi

Abdul carries out a broad range of legal work which include extensive focus on litigation resolving civil and commercial disputes.

Talha Fazlani Talha has been working as a Paralegal assisting a range of departments with their research, drafting and correspondence.
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Common Dispute Resolution Questions

What are the normal stages ?

We are drafting the content for the FAQs. We will update this shortly.

Copyright Fees

Dispute Resolution Advice

Fees: £300 (hourly rate)

Arrangements Considered

Fixed Fee
No Win, No Fee (CFA)
Damaged Based Agreements (DBA)

Fees inclusive of VAT

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