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Childbirth is traumatic by nature with all kinds of risks to foetus, newborn babies, and mothers.

Until the 20th century, pre-eclampsia was one of the biggest killers of young women. Even in the 21st century, pre-eclampsia is still not always well managed.

At the point of delivery, mothers may need management of the birth by multiple clinicians, nurses, and midwives. Decisions about the need for emergency Caesarean sections are critical. Then there is the immediate post-delivery care of mother and baby.

Obstetric mistakes, and birth injuries, often have complex causes, and life changing consequences.

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John Holtom John is an expert in dealing with medical negligence claims and has a history of settling high value cases.


Niki assists with all Medical Negligence matters by conducting research and liaising with clients.

Talha Fazlani

Talha has been working as a Paralegal assisting a range of departments and would help be obtaining information from you regarding your matter.

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Medical Negligence ClaimNo Win, No Fee, Generally
Medical Negligence Claim ReviewNo Fees
Medical Reports (If Required)TBD

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