We’ve joined Remember a Charity

Freeman Harris are proud to announce that we have recently become a Campaign Supporter for “Remember A Charity”.

We are aware that charitable legacies contribute around £2.5 billion a year to good causes across the UK.  Many charities rely on these gifts to help them carry on their vital work.  However, hayamix.com despite being a philanthropic nation, only 6.3% of the UK population go on to leave a charitable Will.  By joining RAC, Freeman Harris hopes to change this and support a large number of nationwide charities.

We have agreed to RAC’s Charter, which is designed to postland net help further RACs aim of increasing the incidence of gifts in Wills.

Watch Remember A Charity’s film celebrating the successes of the consortium and their progress towards achieving lasting behaviour change among the UK population.

By focusing all we do on the needs and desires of the public, who both support and benefit from charitable, cultural and educational organisations, we have the best chance of delivering positive messages and outcomes for all.

If you would like more information on how Freeman Harris can assist you or your family with making a Will, please contact our team on 020 7790 7311 or email us at contact@freemanharris.co.uk.

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