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A franchise agreement is a legally-binding contract between the parties to a franchise relationshipand for the franchisee to take ownership of the given franchise.

A franchise agreement protects both parties. It protects you as the franchisee and also protects the franchisor brand.

A franchise agreement is essentially a license from the franchisor to the franchisee. A license is essentially the permission one party gives to another to do or use something of value.

  • The franchisor licenses to the franchisee the right to use the franchisor’s intellectual property, systems and brand.
  • The franchisee obtains the rights to open a business using the franchisor’s intellectual property, systems and brand, if it meets certain conditions.

The documentation for a franchise agreement can be complex. Before the addendum and other content, they are usually 25-30 pages long- after these have been added, they can be 2-3 times longer.

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We have assisted a number of businesses with drafting franchising agreement and outlining what they need to be aware of to franchise their business.
If you have a franchise agreement dispute or would like us to provide advice on drafting a contract, please contact us, and we will outline the service we can offer, and the associated costs.
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