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Confidentiality agreements, or Non-disclosure Agreements (NDA’s) are contracts often used between parties where there is information or trade secrets exposed. These can be given internally between company and employees, or when a company engages with other business parties.

They can be given to anyone along a product chain, from an employee working within the office of a fashion house, to a seamstress creating the designs. NDA’s are vital in protecting a company’s confidential information.

An NDA sets out the restrictions to the person or company signing the agreement’s use, disclosure, and return of a disclosing party’s confidential information as well as the parties’ related rights and obligations.

How can Freeman Harris help you with your non-disclosure agreement (NDA)?

We have assisted a range of companies and individuals with their confidentiality agreement. We tailor all agreement to your specific requirements and make sure your information or trade secrets remain secure.

If you have a confidentiality dispute or would like us to provide advice on drafting a contract, please contact us, and we will outline the service we can offer, and the associated costs.

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