Claiming Compensation For A Military Injury

When you joined the British army you would have been fully aware of the danger your career choice would put you in, however if you have suffered an injury which could have been avoided if you had been provided better equipment, had been given better health and safety training by the ministry of defence and more, you may be able to make a personal injury claim. Common military injury claims include things such as clinical negligence claims, accident at work claims and car/vehicle accident claims – this is not an extensive list and there are many other categories of claims which you may find you unfortunately have to pursue.

Health and Safety

The ministry of defence (MOD) have an obligation to keep their employees safe in the workplace to the best of their ability. This involves providing their employees with the appropriate training and equipment to carry out their job role and keeping the work place safe. All employers in the UK are legally obliged to provide this for their employees. The law relating to military employees is an extremely specialist area so you should contact a specialist lawyer to talk through your situation.

However, as an MOD employee you must remember you cannot sure the MOD for injuries which you have sustained during a combat situation as these types of injuries are a aspect of your job role which is understandably, and necessarily, extremely dangerous. The MOD must make sure you are in possession of the appropriate equipment to deal with the combat situation in the correct way. If you have been provided with faulty equipment or not been provided with the equipment that you need and this had led to an otherwise avoidable injury you may be able to make a claim. Equipment includes things such as medicine, parachutes and machinery.

Accidents at Work

Accidents which occur at work which may come under the bracket of accidents which can be claimed for include accidents during training exercises, accidents involving vehicles and accidents involving weapons and equipment – to name a few. Obviously making a military injury claim is completely tied to the situation in which the accident occurred and everyone’s situation is different. You should therefore contact a lawyer as soon as you can if you feel that you may have grounds for a military injury claim. A specialist military injury lawyer will be able to talk through your experiences with you and will be able to guide you through every stage of claiming. You must make the move to contact a lawyer within three years of the accident date. You cannot make a personal injury claim beyond three years of the accident.